12.5 Inch Rainbow Necklace

12.5 Inch Rainbow Necklace


This beautiful necklace is handcrafted with high quality genuine gemstones and Baltic Amber. It is strung and knotted with silk. It is finished with a screw clasp.


Benefits of the stones:


Amethyst ~ The beautiful tones of dark to light violet are the visual representation of the calming properties of this stone. It helps with soothing the body and spirit, bringing emotional and spiritual calm. Spiritually amethyst is believed to prevent and protect against negative energy and negative energy attacks; it does so by turning negative energy into positive energy. Also, those that have experienced a loss may find that amethyst gives them inner strength and courage to make it through the tough times. Physically amethyst is believed to aid in oxygen reaching blood, the immune system, and even the digestive system.*

Baltic amber is  from the Eocene epoch. The trees in the Baltic region produced enough tree resin to provide such an abundant source of this natural resource that artisan are able to use it for a multitude of creative endeavors. The uniqueness of Baltic amber is that it contains succinic acid, which is also why Baltic amber is referred to as succinite. It is believed that when Baltic amber is worn close to the skin, our body temperature heats the amber and releases succinic acid and it is that acid that helps relieve pain.* 

Carnelian ~ This is an excellent stone for those that are experiencing depression or anxiety. It helps to calm and stabilize emotions, increase energy levels, and helps to make positive life choices. It also spurns the inner creative mind. It is believed to help with lower back pain, arthritis, cuts and abrasions, kidney problems, and allergies.*

Chrysocolla ~ Often seen as a stone of wisdom, Chrysocolla helps with communication and expression especially through creative means. It is also seen as a stone for musicians, helping with creativity, stage fright, and learning of instruments. Chrysocolla works gently on the spirit and body, it helps to remove negative energy while aligning the energies of the body. It’s unique in that it helps to calm aspects of one’s life that can be chaotic. Those that are constantly feeling the need to do things may find that they enjoy the comforts of home and relaxation. As a gentle stone it helps with anxiety, depression, and emotional conflict. Since chrysocolla is associated with wisdom it is also often associated with age, as such it is believed to assist with arthritis, hip pain/problems, rheumatism, and muscle cramps. It is also believed to help throat and gland issues.*

Green Aventurine ~ This is a stone that helps in bringing positive opportunities to the user. Not only does it help present them, but assists in making the positive changes in one’s life so that opportunity is easier to obtain and understand. Aventurine stones in general helps with calming and lessening anger. Physically green aventurine helps with the circulatory system, skin related issues, and helps in increasing energy.*

Lapis Lazuli ~ An intellectual stone; stimulating the intellectual mind, aiding in understanding, and opening the mind to knowledge. Metaphysically it has been known to protect against psychic attacks, which aids in truth in relationships and weeding out negative influences. This honesty of the spirit arises in more meaningful relationships and communication. Physically it is thought to help strengthen the immune system.*

Lepidolite ~ Working with your dreamscapes, lepidolite helps by realizing dreams or calming the spirit to be able to understand them. This can help with bringing success, but can also help those with negative dreams (like PTSD sufferers) to overcome the negativity. This is also a healing support stone and helps with the immune system, stress, and other factors that can have an effect on emotions and behavior.*

Rose Quartz ~ The love stone. This stone helps with love of all varieties. It can manifest in love for one's self, their partner, their children, and their friends and families. It works by helping with the roadblocks of love, like depression, self-esteem, infertility, and happiness. It also is used as a support for healthy weight loss, reduces high blood pressure, heals the kidneys and adrenals, and is a fantastic support for both mom and baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding.*


*Gemstone properties - All gemstone properties mentioned are not a substitute for medical consultation, they are presented as spiritual and folkloric information only. Information regarding healing properties is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure ailments. It is advised that if you believe that you have a medical condition to seek the aid of a trained medical professional.

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