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Tummy Tune Up

Now that you have survived a lifetime of historical events in just a few month's time, how is your tummy feeling? Are your bowel habits stressful? Digestive issues are one of the most common complaints among adults and children alike. So many factors contribute to gut health, that its imbalance is an indicator of almost any and every other ailment. If you consider it, some portion of our intestinal lining is exposed, involved and affected by everything we are exposed to or ingest. From the enzyme and taste bud-lined interior of our mouths, winding through our esophagus, stomach, large and small intestines and colon, the lining of our digestive tract sees and processes it all.

What Weakens it

The number of components that contribute to intestinal damage is so varied that most people have some degree of it. Diet is always a suspect whenever things aren't humming along smoothly. Stress and the excess hormones caused by it, wreck regular havock on overthinking tummies. Smoking and alcohol, as well as prescription and over the counter medications are all very hard on stomach and intestinal mucosa.

Weakened digestive lining can lead to other issues like gastritis and leaky gut syndrome. Gastritis is the chronic inflammation of the stomach lining. The most common signs are regular heartburn, belching and indigestion. Many people pop antacids in an attempt to control these annoying symptoms. Unfortunately, often they end up only masking, and then worsening the problem. Regular antacid and prescription drug use can greatly affect your body's pH and electrolyte balance, creating much bigger issues.

Leaky Gut Syndrome is the phrase used when the mucosa lining of the intestines has been damaged and so its permeability is compromised. When this happens, food particles, gut microbes and hormones are able to leak through the intestinal walls into places they don't belong. This results in a weakened immune system, increased allergies and food intolerance, skin and mood issues; all of the usual suspects. If you suspect you have leaky gut, a Candida cleanse can work wonders for placing you on the path to healing. Terminate herbal formula can help rid your gut of this sticky yeast, allowing your beneficial gut flora to thrive.

What Protects it

So we know how we got here, but how do we keep from coming here again? First, we should stop ingesting and exposing ourselves to so many gut lining destroyers. Avoiding acidic foods like tomatoes, dairy and refined carbohydrates will help cease the attack on your digestive tract. Soda, alcohol, juice and coffee can aggravate an already tender tummy. Choose beverages which are soothing instead. Clean water (purified, alkaline if possible) is the best option. Unsweetened teas can be incredibly medicinal and soothing. We like Digest Support from Roots to Remedies. If you are unfamiliar with water kefir and kombucha, I strongly recommend an introduction. These delicious beverages are highly probiotic and an amazing substitute for juice, soda and sports drinks.

Whole foods, which are high in nutrients and fiber are also beneficial in preserving the gut. Nutrient dense foods provide you with the necessary magnesium, B12 and calcium to thrive. Such foods also feed the good gut microbes, allowing them to thrive and control the populations of the bad bugs. For more on this read our article Bug Out.

What Heals it

Now we know what causes irritation in your digestive tract and what does not; but what about the scraping and scarring already done? We heal it. Is it possible to undo the years of abuse we have heaped on ourselves? It is. Not only is it possible, but healing your gut will likely reverse whatever side ailment caused you to notice your wonky digestion. A healthy intestinal tract results in an effective immune system.

Nature has graciously provided us with dozens of herbs which help heal damaged and inflamed tissue. A few that can really help soothe the digestive tract are:

- Marshmallow Root: This herb is a mucilage constituent. It helps coat and sooth the mucous membranes of the digestive tract. It also has anti inflammatory properties which is great for healing ulcers and general inflammation.

- Calendula Flowers: This herb can improve digestion and absorption, reduce inflammation in the gut wall, and detoxify the body from pathogens. It can help heal pelvic and bowel infections while gently and effectively clearing and healing the gut wall.

- Ginger Root: This herb is known for its soothing abilities and anti inflammatory properties. It is helpful in digestion while removing buildup of toxins and preventing further inflammation from occurring in the gut.

- Licorice Root: This soothing herb offers anti inflammatory benefits. It can be very helpful is reducing ulcers and helping heal from a leaky gut.

- Slippery Elm Bark: This demulcent herb is great for soothing the lining of the stomach and intestines. It helps reduce irritation and and inflammation.

- Cat’s Claw Bark: This herb is helpful in removing toxins from the intestinal tract while replenishing the good bacteria in the intestines. It is a powerful anti inflammatory.

Our Gastro formula is designed with a blend of these and other amazing herbs.

The human digestive system is a fascinating entity. It has external exposure through your mouth and hind end; while winding through your insides with hundreds of feet of length. There are untold wrinkles and folds where matter can become trapped and irritated. Adjusting your lifestyle, while offering your body soothing herbs and nutrient rich foods can help move old refuse out and leave a soothing layer of mucosa-healing protection in its place. Your intuition is tied to your gut. You can feel the truth of this when a terrifying thought makes you nauseated. If it has been a while since you've experienced a calm and settled tummy, you certainly owe it to yourself to give it some love. Listen to your body when it thirsts or cries out for rest. You know what is best for you.

Trust Your Gut 💚

- Roots to Remedies

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