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Smooth Sailing

One of the primary players in immunity and wellness is the lymphatic system. This network of nodes, vessels and fluids works like a great life sustaining river. Prior to air travel and land vehicles, people used the waterways to transport goods and wash away waste.

Waterways and Canals

You are your own ecosystem. Involuntary actions and exchanges pulse and release. You breathe and grow and move and rest and suffer and recover and love. When you encounter things in your journey, like food or air or pathogens; your body sorts those things for use or removal.

In this continual process, your lymph system transports as well as produces. If you consider matter like bacteria, the lymph channels intake the bacteria into its lymphatic fluid and moves it through the body and out via a filtering organ. Sometimes this fluid is filtered through the skin as sweat, in other instances the spleen will process the liquid and filter in into your digestive for eventual excretion. Still other pathogens and their intake locations find their way through the kidneys and urinary tract or the blood and liver to digestive tract route.

Ports of Call

When you have an infection, such as a cold or flu, or even a localized injury, the lymph nodes in the affected area will often become swollen and tender. Lymph nodes are almond sized glands located near major organs and blood vessels all along the lymphatic system. Inside of these stations, you identify threats and produce white blood cells.

The reason for swollen lumps in your neck when you have a sore throat is that the local lymph nodes have detected and trapped the microbes causing the illness. While they produce lymphocytes to attack and neutralize the foreign pathogens, the glands fill with fluid which will eventually carry it all away and out of the body. This results in temporary swelling and tenderness in those nodes. In fact, the lymphatic system is the mitigator of our inflammation.

Seaworthy Vessels

So much of healthcare attempts to focus on minutia. It has become a symptom squashing circus. When you understand that symptoms are all manifestations of imbalance, you can better translate the stars which need following to stay the desired course - a healthful state of being. Whether you suffer from achy joints, mood issues, cardiovascular disorders or digestive problems, nurturing your body, your vessel, into its healthiest possible state is the answer to the symptom.

To keep your Lymphatic system performing at an optimal level, we must first stay hydrated. Your body will miss the water taken from your cells to make lymphatic fluid and sweat and urine for toxin removal. It is supremely important to stay hydrated if you want to support your body's purification and wellness efforts.

Nutrition and herbs are also important in maintaining a vessel which runs clean and efficiently. Foods which help reduce inflammation, nutrient dense foods, deliver valuable vitamins and minerals.

Other extremely useful, and natural practices are sweating and massage. When you exercise, whether vigorously through sports and running or gently through yoga or walking, you are doing so much more than is immediately obvious. While most people know the physical benefits of exercise to your waistline and in helping with stress, there is a functional practicality to sweating. Moving your muscles increases circulation. Improved circulation means fluid can move more freely and efficiently to reduce the time it takes to remove various pathogens.

Massage works similarly, but with targeted help from an outside source. Many massage therapists are trained in lymphatic manipulation. There are pressure points and techniques they are able to use to assist your body in releasing clogged passageways along your lymphatic system. This helps in a more lasting way than the simple rub of a sore muscle. When the vessels connecting your lymph nodes, as well as the nodes themselves are running smoothly and not sluggish, inflammation is naturally reduced and the healing process is accommodated instead.

All around the world mankind hopes for the same. We all want wellness and joy and the promise of adventure. The incredible truth is that those are all waiting for any who dare to embark on the voyage. With simple care, our bodies are able to endure and recover from so very much. Be grateful for the resilience you've known and look forward to the future you will conquer.

Chart a Brave Course 💚

- Roots to Remedies

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