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Our name really says it all. The ingredients we choose to render into tinctures and extracts and other various remedies, all come from the earth. Every herb, oil and crystal is organic in nature; and most are organic in certification as well.

If you imagine the small effect of rinsing a paintbrush onto the ground, it is easy to expand the concept and understand the greater impact. So when rinsing the brush, you are watering the surrounding ground with the contents of that paint. Every chemical unpronounceable it contains has now become part of the water rushing through it. This contaminated water seeps into the garden planted next door or the grass the cows will eat. It finds its way into rivers and the underground water table. From these waters we consume fish and eventually drink.

While the Earth's surface is supplied with an incredible filtration system, when overwhelmed with the vast number of chemical cleaning products, beauty products, pharmaceutical products, pesticides, and industrial waste, it all adds up. There is even a day this week, dedicated to the safe collection of unused and expired prescriptions. The stated reason for this nationwide effort is so that people won't dispose of them improperly. There is enough agreement on the harshness of ingredients in prescription medication that we shouldn't flush or otherwise return them to the ground. Pause for just a minute here to think about how harsh they must be on our internal tissues. I suppose that's why all of the advertisements are 80% precautionary compliance.

Here at Roots to Remedies, our ingredients are sourced from the ground, and when they return to the ground, by whatever path, their environmental impact is minimal or even positive. Instead of rinsing the paint brush, imagine rinsing out your juicer. In this scenario, as the water rushes over the tool and takes with it the matter it collects, you are certainly not adding any foreign, chemically altered substances into the ground. In fact, this would create a nutrient rich water for gardens or grasses: compost instead of contamination.


We choose glass containers for as many of our products as possible. Glass is a 100% recyclable material. After all, glass is made of sand. It can be reused, melted and reshaped or ground and returned to sand.

Six billion metric tons of plastics are dumped into the oceans annually. Can you picture that? Me either. So the mass of plastics floating between California and Hawaii is bigger than the state of Texas. As if that weren't enough garbage island trivia to make you rethink your own use of unnecessary plastics, there are five others like it around the globe.


How many times have you ordered a tank top or a coffee cup from the big box boys and received 3 sturdy boxes and pile of bubble wrap as part of the exchange? I feel like I'm sorting through cardboard nesting dolls to get to my new socks. Thoughtfulness in shipping is important to us. We carefully, but efficiently wrap your items in eco friendly tissue, and then compact them into as few and small of packages as is safely possible.

We welcome Earth Day this year and honor the bounty of its namesake. For our community and yours, clean and sustainable resources are available.

We welcome Earth Day this year and honor the bounty of its namesake. For our community and yours, clean and sustainable resources are available. Show some love for the planet we all share.

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- Roots to Remedies


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