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Mad About Magnesium

When you scan faces in a sea of people, whatever else catches your attention, you are sure to notice the sheer variety. This one has shiny hair, and he has a square jaw. She is tall and that other one is round. Someone with bright red hair is walking one way while the one with almond eyes and freckles awaits. Deconstruct those differences though, and in each instance you are left with a pile of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen.

Mini & Real

Outside of these four elements, the most numerous presence in our human genetic make-up is minerals. Specifically, macro-minerals: magnesium, calcium and potassium. Each of these minerals are essential to us in differing ways. One mineral is not necessarily more important than the other, they are each needed for the various processes they each take part in. The delicate balance of these minerals is responsible for multiple vital functions.

Fewer than 70% of people, worldwide, get the recommended daily intake of magnesium. Half of the population are mildly deficient, while a full 20% are seriously lacking. You don't have to be at a code-red level to notice the common signs of a magnesium shortage in your body.

While it isn't always the case, if you are surprised to find yourself with high blood pressure or unexplained anxiety, nurturing your magnesium levels could be a great place to start. Symptoms are your body's kind and gentle way of telling you something if off; of saying "I need some love from you".


The science of magnesium's role in the body is tiny. Hopefully you have lived enough life by now to understand the value of the details. Bees, by size comparison, are a tiny part of the planet. Their extinction; however, would have devastating effects on every other life form. The same is true of our cellular use of magnesium.

Macro minerals work together to facilitate the exchange of ions. Delicate positive and negative negotiations keep systems functioning properly. Regulatory items like your heartbeat, metabolism, muscle mobility all rely on tiny positive or negative charges to maneuver and communicate. Think of how computers rely on binary digits 1 and 0. The ionic charges (+ and -) are similarly able to relay instructions and deliver enzymes through the patterns of charge the mineral has on each cell.

Magnesium has a direct relationship with calcium in this ion exchange. Take muscle movement, for example. Calcium emits the ionic message to muscles which causes them to contract. Magnesium then sends the relax signal. They work together in a coordinated dance to lengthen and loosen in patterns that allow a running stride or the raising and lowering of our arms. Without magnesium, your muscles would be in a round the clock spasm. I like a good charlie horse as much as the next person but, no thanks.

The relaxation feature, as it applies to muscle use, may seem simple. Leg cramps after a walk are a nuisance, but why worry. Well, your heart is a muscle. Your breath is controlled by the involuntary tense and ease of these tiny ionic instructions. Without the ability to relax we cannot sleep. Without sleep we cannot heal. One thing affects the next: a truth repeated in echo everywhere in nature.

I-On This

If the list of details you feel you need to monitor in order to keep healthy feels too broad and overwhelming, take heart. Magnesium can be found with ease, if you know where to look. This multipurpose mineral hangs out where the rest of the good-for-you gang gather. They meet in the choices you make for your own well being every day.

A magnesium rich diet would, not surprisingly, include foods also dense in other nutrients. Nuts, beans and seeds like almonds, walnuts, black beans, and pumpkin seeds are all excellent sources of magnesium. Fresh berries, raw dark chocolate (cacao), avocado and a host of greens will boost your magnesium levels. Any of these sound familiar? Have you seen similar ingredients listed when other nutrients were being discussed? It really is just not that complicated and anyone can become more healthy.

Aside from ingesting magnesium through your diet, there are supplements available. Many are pills, which are unpredictable in their ability to deliver a bioavailable form of magnesium.

Our skin, as it turns out, is a far better medium of absorption for magnesium. The porous surface is ideal for a targeted intake of the mineral. Direct application reduces the processing which has to occur before the necessary ions reach the targeted muscle. Roots to Remedies has a thoughtful line of topical magnesium sprays to address a host of related issues. Find them here.

It is important to pay attention to the signals our bodies send us every day. A growling tummy reminds us to take in sustenance. The unpleasant feel of a dry mouth urges us to hydrate. The inability to remain alert or focused signals us to go to sleep and reset. You prove to yourself every day that heeding the signs being relayed are the key to fixing and repairing the lack. Extend that courtesy to your body's need for balance in minerals. If you feel like the messages your body is receiving line up with the symptoms of magnesium deficiency, a little attention could go a long way.

Adequate magnesium means you are giving your physical being the best opportunity to relax, heal and perform cellular repair. The lack of it means quite the opposite. Have faith in your Devine design and give your amazing body the foundation it needs to thrive.

Tend to the Tiny Things💚

- Roots to Remedies

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