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Go to Sleep!

My son can fall asleep anywhere. Sometimes in the car or on the floor in the living room. He can even be lifted and moved and never rouse. My husband and I can talk while he sleeps without whispering. The television never seems to disturb him. Just a tired pile of kid, willing to take his rest wherever it can be gotten.

This is the way of youth, right? You play hard and then sleep hard at the end of it. The reasons that cause insomnia and sleep issues have yet to successfully occupy space in the innocent minds of little ones.

The Regeneration Station

Each night we all faithfully plug our mobile electronics in to allow the batteries to fill. Nobody leaves the house for very long without their charger. What of our own battery packs though? Are you getting the rest your mind and body both require?

Something phenomenal happens when we sleep. While our muscles and minds are in a relaxed mode, and not busy resisting each natural process, every cell has the opportunity to repair, heal and regenerate. After all, our organic state of being is wellness. Injury and illness lurk when our onboard immune system is weakened or exhausted. In the simplest way, the amount of sleep you get can greatly affect, or even determine your overall degree of health.

Mentally, sleep is when our mind is allowed to take a break from calculating and planning and worrying. We take for granted the importance of this rest. Even when awake, our minds would greatly benefit from practiced quiet times. Too many people on too many days allow their minds to race and worry over events that may or may not even ever occur. Physically, while we sleep, our bodies relax in a coordinated way that is difficult to obtain while awake. It is this very relaxation which encourages tissues in your organs and throughout your body to identify and make repairs.

Pillow Patterns

When sleep is restless or illusive, it can make the stress in your life seem to amplify. Insomnia is one of those cruel conditions that seems to become worse the more you focus on its resolve. If you have ever been lying awake at an hour when the rest of the world sleeps, you know the lonliness and agony it can cause. After only a few nights of insomnia, the signs of sleep deprivation become prominent.

Other issues affecting sleep include restless legs and muscles, as well as breathing problems like snoring and sleep apnea. These symptoms are physical in nature and can be addressed as such.

Catching Those Zzzz's

Leg cramps and other night fidgets can indicate a few imbalances. Chronic dehydration is a common factor when muscles cramp and flinch. It is also a particular reasons sinuses and breathing passageways become irritated and inflamed. If you consume multiple non water beverages daily, this could apply to you. Coffee, sugary drinks, alcohol and even the laughable sports drinks are are diuretic. What that means is, they encourage your body to bail water faster than you can absorb it. The amount of water that your body requires daily is largely individual. If you love your go to beverage, try to be sure to love water twice as much. In other words, you should drink more water than any other option. If you are a two cup of coffee and a glass of wine kind of person; it would be beneficial to consume the equivalent in water, just to flush those. Then you still need to consume the water you would for normal daily hydration.

In addition to dehydration, magnesium, calcium and potassium levels are common causes of night cramping and restlessness. More than half of Americans are deficient in Magnesium. Here at Roots, we understand that our porous skin is an amazingly effective delivery medium for this crucial mineral. We have a line of topical magnesium sprays to address an array of related issues.

Insomnia is a bit more tricky than snoring or cramping. Insomnia is a battle of wills. Yours against yours. The reasons here are largely emotional. Speaking from experience, insomnia can be so disruptive. It can feel as if it will go on indefinitely and the ponderence of that assures its continuation. There is no way around facing your stress if you want to overcome regular bouts of insomnia. We lay out some healthy techniques, as well as herbal powerhouses for coping with stress in the entry Let's Address Your Stress .

Our unique Hit the Hay formula combines these and other amazing herbs.

As a more immediate solution, for tonight even, you have the power to reclaim your sleep. Although it can feel like our thoughts are spiraling in the wee hours, and the momentum of their whirlwind is too great to change; that just isn't true. You are always the narrative voice in your own head. You can choose to tell yourself a soothing bedtime story, rather than doing midnight mental gymnastics. You already possess the skill set. There is no special talent needed, only a willingness to be still and be completely present with yourself.

Choose a statement or a sentence that feels good when you hear it. I like the simplicity of "it's okay" or "thank you, God" or even "I love you". These are the mantras I allow my internal voice to repeat to me softly when sleep illudes me. Admittedly, it is a distractionary approach; but an entirely useful one.

Choosing to repeat these simple affirmations, means we are paying attention to, and even controlling, our own thoughts. When we just allow our minds to wander without intention, they burn excess energy and create unnecessary scenarios and stress. The simplicity of your own reassurance will often quiet the mind to the degree needed to fall asleep. Restful sleep replenishes your physical being which supports your emotional body which rewards you with more ease and greater rest. In the same way that insomnia can be a cycle, learning to get adequate sleep begets more of the same.

If you intentionally seek out a quiet place to be still, you will find it. Nothing needs tending to today that depriving yourself of rest will solve. Whatever is left undone at the end of this day, is meant for another one. Go easy on yourself, and trust in the wisdom of a fresh start tomorrow.

Sweet Dreams 💚

- Roots to Remedies

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