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Give Me a Spring Break

The oak pollen is so thick in the south this year, it almost feels like the plot to a Hitchcock tale. Fuzzy yellow tubular pods of yuck are everywhere! Walking to my truck I acquired three in my hair, eight on my clothing and one on the mouth piece of my water cup. On - the mouthpiece. I hope the bees love this stuff because the rest of us do not.

Painting the Town

There are aesthetic reasons to discriminate against spring pollen. The cars are covered in its yellow dust; every door handle and all the windshields. Front porches provide refuge to piles and piles of it, eagerly awaiting being tracked into houses and on to floors that someone has already swept for the third time this week. An April rain converts it all to a chunky mustard, covering all the eyes can see and fingers can touch. It looks as though a disco era decorator came in and said, "Hose it all down in the 1970s".

The trees don't have the same shedding process every spring. I'm sure there is a pattern or farmer's almanac rationale for which years we are blessed with the banana manna, but I haven't committed the formula to memory. Besides the sheer icky factor of it all, many people suffer legitimate misery when pollen counts skyrocket.

Fun in the Heat

Seasonal allergy sufferers report a range of symptoms. If you are one of them, my condolences. The achy heads and itchy eyes and stuffy noses are as plentiful as the pollen pods. Some call it hay fever or cedar fever or seasonal rhinitis.

The common thread, whatever the name, is an allergic reaction to the pollen of some plant. An allergic reaction to dust or pollen is only slightly different to a food allergy or skin irritant. The general term allergy describes a situation where your immune system has an over reaction to something; typically, a foreign substance.

Is this just the luck of the draw? Are allergies something an unfortunate several are plagued with; or can they be prevented or even reversed entirely?

Back to Class

Allergies are increasingly common. Most who struggle with them are desperately looking for immediate relief from their particular blend of symptoms. There are daily pills and drowsy liquids and plenty of evasion tactics on the market. Most of those options leave your gut microbiome in disarray and eventually weaken your immune system.

So what is the secret to addressing the root cause of an immune system which deals in allergic reactions? Your teachers and guides have all warned you about the importance of the basics. Yet again, the answer is an elementary one. To reduce allergies or even phase them out entirely, we must heal and strengthen our immune systems.

Inflammation affects the likelihood of an allergy onset. When your habits and movements are those which invite and foster inflammation, allergies tend to follow. If seasonal allergies are causing you to avoid the outdoors, you are missing out on natural vitamin D - an immune boosting Titan.

Outside time is where we exercise and breathe fresh air and commune with nature. Springtime is when the temperature is inviting, even if the pollen is laying in wait. It is also the time for rebirth and new beginnings. It is the perfect time to give your body a vacation from the stress and neglect we can all subject them to. A great time to stretch our bodies and make healthy changes. Maybe for you it's more water or the promise of a walk in the morning. Find ways to give yourself little breaks from work and critics and pressure like the school kids in spring. Reconnect with your youthful spirit and blossom like the flowers.

Let Spring be Your Season 💚

-Roots to Remedies

Let Spring be Your Season💚

-Roots to Remedies

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