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Don't Shoot the Messenger

Some terms are so overused their meanings become forgotten and diluted. Perhaps their essence was never fully understood at all. Inflammation is a word applied medically to refer to a series of generalities. Is it sore or red or swollen? Then inflammation appropriately describes it. War When our bodies sustain an injury, like an ankle sprain or a pulled muscle, blood flow increases to the affected area. Your brilliant brain sends signals to release white blood cells to begin the repair. They do so by emitting chemical instructions for releasing fluids to the targeted location. The purpose of the fluid is to transport foreign invaders (bacteria and other harmful microbes) away from the injury to make way for healing. The same is true when the symptoms are more internal. Consider your sinuses. When airborne toxins or pollens or microbes come into contact with your sinus cavity, via the air you breathe, your immune system tailors a response unique to your own body. Many times that response is simply to sneeze or to otherwise remove the matter in question.

Inflammation is a pretty good indicator that the dutiful soldiers of your immune system are declaring war on those invaders. What is it Good For? In this very real sense, inflammation is our friend. It can be a good thing. Along with flooding a cluster of damaged cells with fluids, the human inflammatory response will sometimes bring the heat. A red and swollen sprain or the location of a broken bone will often feel hot to the touch. This is the body's innate response to potentially infectious microbes at the site. When associated with an acute incident, inflammation is an indicator that your immune system is working properly.

Aside from acute inflammation, or the kind caused by a known illness or injury; some people experience chronic inflammation. This type is largely internal. An extreme event may cause temporary anxiety which can cause inflammation in your gut. If you reside in a constant state or worry and stress, the ongoing nature of the inflammation would categorize it as chronic. Chronic inflammation is never your friend. Perhaps in the early days when the inflammation was fresh in your joints it came as a gentle companion. When an inflammatory response is new, it intends to inform us of an imbalance. Should we fail to notice those signals, ignore them, or mask them with symptom targeted chemicals, the problem does not simply vanish. Absolutely Nothing What are the factors preventing us from reversing the parts of our bodies affected by inflammation? As I said earlier, inflammation is an indicator. Thank God we have them! A red light at the corner is there to indicate the probability of traffic which could collide with us if we fail to heed the signal.

Inflammation is uncomfortable. There should be no mistaking it; but there are plenty of ways it gets back-burnered in many people's lives. Television commercials have become little more than a platform for tucking our symptoms away and forgetting them. Of course, muting the messenger never invalidates the truth of the message. Masking symptoms does not cure the root cause and therefore, other symptoms will arise and continue to do so until we deal with what is causing the symptoms and not just the symptoms themselves. Addressing the root cause means reversing the cycle of factors which contributed to the condition to begin with. Logically, continued application of this principle would lead to the reversal of disease. You have the power to reverse inflammation. Mentally and emotionally, you can meditate, pray, seek self understanding and address mood issues. Stress leads to inflammation in various places. Most commonly, the digestive tract and in the arteries. A natural approach to resolving tension is the topic of Let's Address Your Stress Practically, you can increase water intake. Food choices can be extremely helpful when fighting inflammation. Leafy greens, almonds, ginger, and garlic are all useful in combating systemic inflammation. We have some amazing herbal options to help address root causes of inflammation here. Additionally, adding a physical element to your schedule could help tremendously with inflammation. Exercise releases endorphins, reduces stress and corrects many imbalances. Understanding what is causing inflammation is akin to decoding the cure for what ails you, personally. Heart disease, arthritis and eczema all stem from inflammation. Honoring your body when it is asking for soothing, such as rest or hydration or nutrients, addresses the root cause of each. If you suffer from chronic inflammation, or autoimmune disease, ask yourself how much love you are pouring into yourself versus how much energy you spend feeling like you must juggle and manage all other things. There are so many natural ways to make improvements in our self healing routines. Take a breath and take a walk and remember you are fearfully and wonderfully made. We Celebrate Your Journey💚 - Roots to Remedies

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